the party returns

Two years after Covid-19 took us away: The Fiesta is back again! The fiesta returns as summer begins on the hot solstice. The festival returns in 2022, with laughter, music, lights, Levantine scents, illusions created during these two quiet and dark years during a terrible, unexpected epidemic. There is always a new but traditional festival happily emerging… Images, colors, sounds and even aromas give the festival its unique character, its personal style: sunlight and lights, multicolored reflections of fireworks, sea breezes, pungent smell of gunpowder, the hum of the festival. music, the roar of rockets, nostalgia, efforts, illusions, offerings and parades, the ostentation of young women, the heroism of young men, criticism and fantasies captured by artists in the Levantine style les ≪mists≫, on the shores of the Mediterranean, with the shelter of Benacantil: Here’s the PARTY!

It is a time of life where the people of Alicante vibrate, their warm allies, the sea their faithful companions, their perfect crest against the deep blue sky, once again passing through our streets with their distinctive palm trees in India. The world of this land is sparkling white, hardened by work, gentle and hospitable to all who seek the caress it has generously offered for centuries.

There’s a rhythm of dancing and cheer, a fun wonder crowd as the Fiesta is back. Our Bonfire Festival. A feast of fire, joy and tradition, music, dance, typical food, dazzling colours, shimmering light, pyrotechnic thunder. The party where the town lives in every street, every square, from dawn to dusk for four days without a break.

The Bonfire Festival is a fabulously popular fusion of happy tradition, satirical art, and creativity that is renewed every year.

Fiesta de las Hogueras, an old tradition of Alicante, brought a new aesthetic with the unique designs of the monumental traces we see in the streets when the summer dawns again.

The Bonfire Festival is inextricably linked with the enclosed space housing the barracks. Bonfires and barracks are in the perfect symbiosis of celebration for the people, for the people, for the people. After two painful years, the people of Alicante surrendered another year to the joyful nostalgia of our festival of Saint John, reminiscent of the ancient ceremonies that flourished at the participatory, votive, solstice, exciting, magical and magical twenty-fourth hour of June. 24.

The Festival is booming again as in the past, but always different, because although life changes, the Festival always takes root in happy moments to be with us again, showing us the exuberant feeling of the streets full of happy festivities. The exuberant explosion of fireworks, whose roar aroused the fierce excitement of the crowd who wanted to enjoy a few days of joy”festa bear is beautiful”. Because Alicante is happy, cheerful and with the cunning sympathy of Levantine happy towns full of history, thousands of years of time, open to the emptiness of the sea forever… Our Mediterranean becomes a sky when it meets the blue of the horizon. in perfect symbiosis sky-sea.

Let’s throw a party, which is an uplifting and unique time to celebrate the joy of being from Alicante, so that the world knows the burning heart beating in our chest, the happy kisses of optimism, the fertile spirit that guides us. , from the wonder of love that we gladly offer to everyone.

Some of them are no longer on the visible side of space, but have exceeded the target and are left to the flow of endless harmony. Let’s remember his smile, his look, his voice that told us about the projects. Let’s keep his memory very alive. And those young people know how to gather that happy effort that is the Party. Let them learn its structure and love and develop it with the example of self-sacrifice and self-sacrifice. May they protect their souls by renewing them as gold and a perpetual legacy as a ceremony of marching traditions from the past to the future.

And if the 2022 Party has come again this year, there will come a time when we will set out for the fullness of eternity…

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