Biden talks about working on a deal to stop conflict in Gaza 01:15

American President Joe Biden said that the United States and its partners are working on an agreement between Israel and the radical Palestinian movement Hamas that provides for a pause in the conflicts in the Gaza Strip for at least six weeks. King of Jordan II. His words at the joint press conference with Abdullah: TASS.

“We can use this time to come up with something that will last longer,” Biden said.

Earlier, The Washington Post wrote that the president of the United States said: asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a security guarantee for the Palestinians. The White House noted that Biden wanted Israel to take action to increase the supply of humanitarian aid to Palestinian civilians.

NBC also carried Sources are citing that US President Biden sees Netanyahu as an “obstacle” in Israel’s transition to the next phase of its military operations to minimize civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip.

11 February Israeli Prime Minister statedthat his country plans to permanently maintain security control in the Gaza Strip.

Previously at the White House said About Biden’s mistakes in resolving the crisis in Gaza.

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Source: Gazeta


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