Nikita Vysotsky suggested how his father would react to the special operation 02/12/2024, 17:41

Actor Nikita Vysotsky suggested how his father, the poet Vladimir Vysotsky, would react to Russia’s special operation in Ukraine. Her quotation “Arguments and Facts”.

According to Vysotsky, he does not like to imagine what his father will say. At the same time, he added that when Vysotsky saw newsreels about the entry of Soviet troops into Afghanistan, he wanted to go to the front and speak in front of the soldiers there.

“They didn’t let him in. But Joseph Davydovich Kobzon and many others went… And many people who talked to the liquidators when Chernobyl exploded in 1986 also went. So it wasn’t just Vysotsky’s decision. It’s normal to go with your people when it’s difficult,” he reflects.

The artist also says that his father will probably have a hard time experiencing the conflict with Ukraine.

“The Vysotskys are from Ukraine, and my grandfather and his brother came to Moscow from Kiev when they were 15… I think my father would have suffered terribly now… What I have described is my point of view.” he said and emphasized that there was no need to think about what Vysotsky, Pushkin or Yesenin would be like now.

Nikita Vysotsky also reminded that he would help the Russian army in any way he could.

The day before Nikita Vysotsky given the voice of a cartoon bear.

Previously directed by Andrei Simonov clarified Details of the filming of “20/22” in Mariupol.

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Source: Gazeta


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