The USA identified the person responsible for the delay in providing financing to Ukraine 13:37

Due to the policies of US President Joe Biden, the US’s military support to Ukraine will continue. The newspaper writes about this New York Times.

As the authors of the article note, in the fall the head of state sent a request to the parliament to allocate funds for aid to Ukraine and Israel. At the same time, the owner of the White House added to the document a clause on providing additional financing to the country’s government for the protection of the common border with Mexico.

The document emphasizes that talking about the immigration crisis should be a “sweet pill” for lawmakers. According to journalists, the president wanted to gain the support of Republicans in the US Congress in this way.

However, this step did not give Biden the desired result. The authors of the publication explained that the American leader, instead of implementing his plans, found himself in a dead end.

“By bringing this issue to discussion, he provoked the right (Republicans – to demand broad changes in policy regarding the situation at the border. As a result, his own party is divided on the issue,” the article says.

Journalists added that the president will now have to make concessions to conservatives in order to provide more funds for Ukraine and Israel. Therefore, military aid from Washington to Kiev is now hanging by a thread, the authors of the publication noted.

Previously in the USA clarified Reasons for the decline in support for Ukraine.

Source: Gazeta


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