PSPV defends Government’s $1,600 million investment in Alicante

An investment of 1 billion 600 million dollars in the province of Alicante central government. This is what Pilar Bernabé, PSPV-PSOE deputy general secretary and Valencian Community Executive Delegate, and Alejandro Soler, PSPV-PSOE deputy and general secretary in the province, defended after their meeting. this Friday in Alicante, where deputies and senators are also present. Prominent investments include the Torrellano bypass projects, the La Encina interchange and the Torrevieja desalination plant.

Barnabas stated that the central government allocated Alicante This claim of “over 1.619 million” in the last legislature is a claim that contradicts the fact that the province has been at the bottom of the list in investments in the General State Budget in recent years. For Bernabé, this investment was “historic”, before adding that it “demonstrates the Spanish Government’s commitment to Alicante’s strategic infrastructure” in areas such as rail, road and water.

In the distribution of investments, the Deputy Secretary General PSPV He touched upon the works carried out at the La Encina intersection with an investment of 750 million; the suburb is trying to connect Xàtiva to Alcoy with an investment of 117 million; or, in water matters, the investment of the Torrevieja desalination plant reaching 70 million. Speaking after the meeting held by socialists in Alicante, Bernabé said, “The government introduced Alicante as one of the locomotive provinces of the Spanish economy.”

The state’s general secretary, Alejandro Soler, also shared his vision, arguing that the Pedro Sánchez Government is “committed” to a series of investments aimed at providing solutions to historical demands. “We have seen investments exceeding 500 million in recent months. 80% of the route thanks to Pedro Sánchez Mediterranean Corridor It is already under construction and the previous works that were necessary and that Rajoy left unfinished are 100% completed,” said the Congress MP. He also emphasized the agreement signed for Júcar-Vinalopó and its benefits are necessary for irrigators.

“We are fulfilling our commitments and defending our lands. We socialists will act in coordination to make the next one happen. Budgets It reflects the needs of this province,” Soler concluded.

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