Finland rejected the proposal to tighten the border with Russia 18:30

Finnish Vice Chancellor of Justice Mikko Puumalainen rejected the government’s proposal to strengthen restrictions on the border with the Russian Federation. This was reported by So with source reference.

The reason for this decision is that this offer of the Finnish government will not make it possible to apply for asylum. It is stated that Puumalainen concluded that there were no legal prerequisites for further preparation of the proposed solution.

It was announced that the tightening does not guarantee that refugees can effectively apply for the international protection provided in the law.

Before reportedIt was stated that the Finnish government is ready to decide to close the border crossing points with Russia, at least for refugees, on Tuesday, November 21. This was reported by the HS portal, citing government sources. It was noted that the delay in closing the checkpoint was due to the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ justification of the legislation that enabled this decision.

Formerly President of Finland guess There are difficulties on the Russian border.

Source: Gazeta


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