Flowers on the Spanish flag in Alicante due to amnesty

About three times a year Spanish Flag The banner that appeared in Plaza del Mar in Alicante was modified to make the banner look perfect, without any damage caused by the passage of time and, above all, the influence of the wind. These three flag changes usually take place in February, around bonfires and October 12 celebrations, but this year they were delayed a bit and couldn’t happen until early November. This Friday’s event, supported by the Friends of the Flag group from Alicante, contained further symbolism as flowers were placed to protest the amnesty for Catalan independence politicians within the framework of Pedro Sánchez’s negotiation as Head of Government.

selfless contribution

Thanks to the selfless contributions of the group, the banner was broken and replaced friends of the flag. On this occasion, the public was invited to place flower bouquets in light of the political moment at the national level. This initiative has been circulating on social networks and in messages sent via Whatsapp in recent days. The event took place peacefully and without any incident. The change of the giant flag, of course, attracted the attention of Alicante residents and tourists passing through the area this Friday morning. The text circulating on social networks was: “The amnesty is supported by many politicians who put their interests ahead of the public interest. The victims and those fighting against separatist nationalism deserve recognition. “Let us lay flowers in front of the national flag in police stations, schools, squares, barracks or town halls to defend constitutional coexistence and civil Spain.”

In Alicante, rallies were held in front of the local PSOE headquarters on both Wednesday and Thursday. Attendance at the second meeting was less than the first. General Mancha Square once again witnessed a new development protest amnestyFollowing the agreement reached this Thursday between PSOE and Junts on the appointment of Pedro Sánchez, the number of protesters decreased compared to Wednesday. But while the participants once again chanted slogans against Sánchez, they remembered many times that Aleix Vidal-Quadras, the former leader of the PP and one of the founders of Vox, was injured in a costly shooting in Madrid this Thursday. Vox council members in the Alicante City Council as well as council members from other municipalities in the province also attended the meeting.


Concentrations were recorded at hospital gates in Alicante and Elche this Wednesday. local PSOE headquartersIt passed without significant incident amidst an impressive police deployment. The event in front of the socialist headquarters of the state capital, attended by a large representation of Vox MPs and councillors, brought together hundreds of protesters, while the event in Elche had a lower attendance.

Source: Informacion


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