Cs and Vox join PP’s boycott in actions for the Charter’s 40th anniversary for the slogan “Fent country”

Discussions intensify over the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Statute of Autonomy of the Community of Valencia. The strategy initiated by PPCV, which announced that it would not participate in the event organized because it did not comply with the chosen slogan of “40 anys fent pais”, will be supported by Ciudadanos and Vox, who also announced that they will not attend. or to participate as a form of protest. In this way, of the six parliamentary groups integrated into the Autonomous Courts, only those on the left, PSPV-PSOE, Compromís and Unides Podem, will support the celebration of the event in suggested institutional terms.

The celebration is held this Wednesday in the former Post Office building in Plaza del Ayuntamiento de València, which was recently purchased by Generalitat. It turns out that if it turns out that the PP will turn its back on actions against the chosen motto this Monday, the other two opposition parties will do the same this Tuesday. In this context, the President of the Generalitat, Ximo PuigHe assessed that the Valencian Community has great challenges and that what needs to be done is “try to overcome partisanship and don’t always think about electionsbut try to think of the citizens”.

“I feel that there is such an attitude, I don’t know exactly why they didn’t want to participate, probably because of the memory or lack of memory of what their 20-year government was, but we propose this anniversary from Turkey. unity and solidarity,” he stressed. Council president. According to Puig, the Self-Government was “a triumph and an achievement for Valencians” at a time when the Community was making “extraordinary” progress, adding that he wanted all citizens to share it.

“We are a Valencian Community with this name, also having an origin in the old Valencian Kingdom, and in terms of what the ambition for self-government means, As the preamble to the Statute of Autonomy says, we are a country.“Puig stressed.

In line with this, the president considers it “not to add and divide about it and to look ahead and improve and develop public services, with an ambition of self-management that above all serves the interests of Valencian women and men”. working as the maximum guarantee of a life project.” “We must work for this and make as much harmonious self-management as possible,” he said.

“Divide the Valencians”

Board of trustees of CS, Ruth Merino“The slogan chosen, as in languages, aims to divide Valencians rather than unite them,” he declared because they would not attend this meeting “in protest”.

“At Cs we have great respect for the Charter because we believe in the state of the autonomies, not like others who want to destroy it,” said the liberal formation’s trustees, arguing that “it is a history that should be commemorated and preserved.” because it seems to us that it is above other types of struggles that seem to have a Socialist Party bent to extremes”.

His colleague at Vox, Main Vegasaid directly “Nothing to Celebrate”. Accordingly, he criticized the celebrations of “a growing public debt each year, ever-longer queues for hunger, inequalities in language rights, or a water war between communities”. “There must be a national vision of taxation so that we Spaniards can be equal throughout Spain, and the only way is to return the powers of the autonomies to the central State,” he added.

The trustee of the PP is María José Catalá. Information

Trustees of the popular group, Maria José Katalaechoed what the chairman of his party said on Monday, Carlos Mazon: assumes the chosen slogan is “a statement of intent and a mistake”, which is blamed on Transparency Minister Rosa Pérez Garijo and her party (EUPV).

Catalá accused the Generalitat president and PSPV leader of “failure to fulfill their duty” for allowing the preservation of this slogan and allocating a subsidy to the Language Platform to “celebrate the Catalan festival in Alboraia” (Valencia). ) .

In contrast, Botànic, among the socialist Main Barcelona He argued that the anniversary should be a cause for rejoicing and celebration for the “progress that the Statute has brought to the Community”, which he believed “the (opposition) views are narrow-minded”, and that his decision was “nothing more important than looking for a reason to disagree”.

father oak (Compromís), PPCV and its president Mazón “a yield “You don’t have to, every day, to see if he can grab the attention and if anyone recognizes him”, in addition to the warning that this means “leaving the democratic deal” and “justifying the far-right they want to accept”. pay some attention to them”, he decided.

And from Unides Podem, column lime He admitted it was “an excuse to give up on self-management” and “a competition with Vox to see who leads it.” “It shows his weakness,” he warned, to assert that in the trio they were proud of the Charter.


The Democratic Minister for Quality, for his part, Rose Perez GarijoHe argued that the Generalitat’s anniversary campaign claimed both its slogan and design were his own, and accused PP of not accepting origins, language or his own culture, calling it “‘Valencianophobia'”. .

In statements sent to the media, the coordinator of Esquerra Unida also accused the “20 years of their rule: they have never respected the plurality of our people” and emphasized that “there is room” in Botànic. For all Valencians who support self-government and want to progress.

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