He recently reappeared as a guest”MasterChef“, the program in which it competed and gained popularity. Miri Perez-Cabrerosmiling as usual, full of talk about how well the kitchen business was going.

She lost her smile yesterday to show on Instagram how she was after you. car crash while on your motorcycle. The driver also fled.

He describes the situation on the social network in question: “I had a motorcycle accident this afternoon. They ate me and they ran away. It was impossible for me to brake, I tried with all my might, but the car was too close. I’m sad and scared but I’m aliveWhat is the most important. I was treated and healed at the Hospital de la Princesa in Madrid and was received with much love. Thank you to the ambulance staff and the nurses who took care of me.”

29-year-old Catalan chef suffers cuts on the chin and lipsas well as nose sores and numerous bruises on his face.

Fortunately, the accident did not have any more serious consequences for the former finalist of “MasterChef” season five, and he is recovering satisfactorily. Police are looking for the driver. who ran away