Aguirre calls on farmers to protect against “climate fanaticism” and “Agenda 2030”

José Luis Aguirre This Thursday he ascended to the Cortes bench again, but on this occasion he did so as head of the Agriculture department of the Government of Valencia, after serving four years as a member of Vox in the regional parliament. In his third round of remarks to council members, Aguirre parsed his department’s planned actions for the next four years with “climate fanaticism,” the “perverse” 2030 Agenda and “so-called ecologists” as stones in the road.

Saying “Vox is the party of the field”, he began his intervention, one of the shortest engagement rounds, leaving almost 8 minutes at the end of both his initial presentation and his turn to respond. Aguirre confronted his determination on this issue “one thousand percent” He pointed out that compared to this sector, the Spanish Government cares more about “climate fanaticism than food, more green deals than fishermen, the 2030 Agenda more than the rural world, and animal rights more than our farmers.” he “appears to be an enemy” rather than an “ally”.

So he insisted that his department would fight to ensure that farmers, ranchers and fishermen “feel supported” and have a say in Europe “in the face of climate fanaticism, demagoguery, animalism or the perverted Agenda 2030.” perverted Agenda 2030 “It threatens our countryside, our industry and the progress of all Spaniards,” he stressed. His remarks sparked criticism from the opposition for his denial of climate change affecting rural areas. “We will not normalize the fact that Vox is in government or his denialist talk about climate change,” replied Paula Espinosa of Compromís.

On the surface, it was one of the calmest discussions so far. Aguirre’s profile and much more technical topics avoided scenes like those seen last week. Image of the plenary meeting, attended by two-thirds and with almost no remaining members of parliament, only the highest representative of the far right, Vicente Barrera, present regional manager This decline in expectations was more pronounced than that seen in the first session, in which the first vice-president and the Minister of Culture played the leading roles.

Aguirre touted the reform and development of the law as among the priorities of the legislature. Agricultural Buildings “to prevent the abandonment of agricultural lands, to combat population decline and to ensure generation renewal that will ensure the revival and continuity of the sector”, to facilitate access to property for young farmers and farm owners who ensure generation renewal in this sector “as necessary”. ” For this reason, he also drew attention to the benefits of the Inheritance and Gift Tax reform.

Help wild cattle

Likewise, he mentioned sectors that are clearly excluded from aid, such as the rabbit sector, the dairy sector, the beekeeping sector and the wild cattle sector, which are in an extremely serious situation in our society. covid crisis and will support it “especially” because it is what “represents the greatest cultural tradition.” This announcement is a complement to Vicente Barrera’s proposal on Monday to subsidize bus al carrer.

Another point of criticism against Aguirre was the appointment of general manager Leticia Sanchiz Becquet as responsible for Agriculture and Livestock Production. Sanchiz owns and is part of the management team of Sanchiz Group, a company dedicated to the industry. livestock activity, waste management, biogas and photovoltaic facilities have been approved due to discharge at one of their farms. “If he has to resign from any position he will do so, but we have time to take the necessary steps,” Aguirre said. he replied.

Source: Informacion


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