The USA announced that dissatisfaction with Kiev’s support is increasing in the West 17:57

Dissatisfaction with Kiev’s support is growing among the public in Western countries. About this newspaper “Izvestia” reported former U.S. Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter. He emphasized that the funds spent on Ukraine could have gone to healthcare, the social sphere and aid to needy groups of the population, but Western countries preferred to spend the money on a conflict in which they “certainly cannot win”.

“I think there is growing tension among the working class in Western countries about where governments spend money. <...> People look at what the West is doing and ask themselves: “What are we doing? How did we get into this situation and why did we sink so low?” – Ritter stated.

He added that US allies, who have directed limited funds to Ukraine, are more concerned about “punishment” from Washington than the fate of their own citizens.

The other day, former CIA analyst Larry Johnson commentedThat Ukraine would surrender and give up four regions to end the conflict with Russia.

Previously in the USA appreciated Peace formula of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

Source: Gazeta


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