Valencian Community launches plan to remove up to ten State centers from Madrid

The Valencian Community inflames the debate over the State model. Again. It is one of the (central) topics that fills a certain gap in the state agenda and tries to create new discussion and repercussions. Yesterday, the seminar Polyphonic and Decentralized Spain was the framework for the presentation of a report that put forward an initial proposal for decentralization of institutions. Proponents swayed yesterday’s idea of ​​the beginning of the road for a draft to be complemented by economic data. But the proposal is already there, as a way to provoke discussion and shake up an indigestible issue from the center (any centre, because autonomies also have a centre). The political relevance is reflected by the academic capacity and institutional presence of Generalitat President Ximo Puig and Universities Minister Joan Subirats yesterday who are knowledgeable on the subject.
Source: Informacion


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