PP places Consell in acts of the Charter’s 40th anniversary for the slogan “Fent country”

slogan chosen by council for forty years of commemoration Autonomy StatusThe «40 anys fent country» did not go well within the People’s Party. The proof of this PPCV The head of the Generalitat announced yesterday that he will not attend any of the events connected with this incident, as they accused Ximo Puig of “dividing the Valencians” with the slogan chosen and felt he had “lost the opportunity to return to him”. unite rather than separate”. A full-fledged boycott of events organized by Botànic, but yes, the popular ones will encourage their own celebration with campaigns and party events to “spread the unity spirit of the Statute” as emphasized.

Thus, the main opposition party in the Valencian Parliament and the second longest governing party in the Valencian Community will not be able to attend the events to be held tomorrow for the 40th anniversary of the Statute of Autonomy. “No MPs, senators, mayors or councilors of the PP will take part in the demonstrations,” PPCV chairman Carlos Mazón said after his meeting in Valencia yesterday afternoon. national and regional lawmakers and senators your party.

Popular ones censor the appearance that, in their opinion, the celebration won. They believe that “this should be a reason to unite Valencians and celebrate the unity of the people”, and instead it became a commitment to partition by the Botànic Government. “They imply that we are one of the countries that want Catalan independence,” Mazón added. The popular president understands that the slogan chosen is a nod to the name “País Valencià” used by some. pro-independence sectors and with a historical connotation for parties and unions, including PSPV, UGT and CC OO.

Now, those from Mazón will attend the meeting called in the Assembly. Valencia courts about the new financing model next Friday. “The PP will go where it is necessary for the Community of Valencia to be treated as it deserves, to stop being in line and being the most affected community in Spain,” said the PPCV president. «PP has only one speech in all of Spain and will continue to claim what it has always claimed: the Community of Valencia is being treated the worst, this situation needs to be resolved and that they cannot continue this scam and delay after scam. ” , added

Source: Informacion


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