Silence will be installed on Nissan’s Free Zone land from July

silence will be built on part of the old land nissan inside Free zone from 1 July. Barcelona Free Zone Consortium (CZFB) will lease the land directly to you to speed up your industrial distribution. while being managed by Peter Navarro The idea of ​​publishing the contest and the application of interested companies from the second half of June, finalizing the bases to put up for auction the rest of the surface occupied so far by the Japanese giant. The predictable resources of those who fail to deliver the tender envisioned by the government, Generalitat and the unions threaten to delay the arrival of other projects, including the electricity generator. D-HubAccording to different sources, we are familiar with the speeches made until the end of the year.

The Nissan reindustrialization commission closed the distribution of Free Zone land this Monday. A total area of ​​61,078 square meters on an area of ​​517,000 square meters will be undertaken by electric motorcycle manufacturer Silence. With this, a preliminary deal has already been closed and 110 former Nissan workers (out of 2,500 defunct workforce) will be hired by the Acciona investment company. A meeting between unions and company management is scheduled for this week to develop which profiles to include in the workforce and at what times.

The less defined land mass has had its future. There is a political agreement between the administration, the power plants and Nissan, but the bidding documents have not been finalized yet and the firm RocaJunyent To technically define -representing the Consorci- against time. With the idea to publish it in the second half of June. A one-month period will then be opened for companies potentially interested in managing the land in question to introduce themselves. The idea is that there is an inmologistics (a real estate agency specializing in logistics) that then transfers the different land to third parties and does business with it.

However, to provide a minimal industrial activity with some limitations. According to sources familiar with the interview, some 270,000 meters square meters would go to an industrial electric vehicle manufacturer whose description fits D-Hub. The rest would go to logistics, which, despite the possibility of building height and gaining greater size, will occupy a little less than half of the flat square feet that Nissan occupies today.

Land decontamination, a problem

One of the reasons for the delay in the process of publishing the contest as agreed by the parties months ago was legal complications. The point was that the reindustrialization commission had to come up with a specification that actually allocated space for the brands that the Administration had been negotiating for months. However, as it was a public contest, these candidates were unable to enter with their first and last names to avoid objection by potential interested parties. Legally it’s a complex puzzle.

Another complicating factor is the disagreement between Nissan and Consorci (the land owner) over the cost of the dispute. land swap. Well, the entity he manages Peter Navarro it needs available land for the next tenant, and according to different sources familiar with the operation, the Japanese are reluctant to bear the full cost of the operation. Also, according to some sources, Nissan’s valuation of its assets above market price. Issues such as the transfer of operating licenses and environmental licenses to the administrations, and changes in the municipal usage plan required for the operation are also pending.

Closed the page, it will be published in the coming weeks. So far there are three names that seem particularly strong for this: Australian real estate Good man, Madrid-based investment fund Merlin Features and multinational prologue. Although negotiating sources have confirmed that a dozen companies have an interest in managing the land. At the enterprise level, ‘sugar’ is the square meters that will be reserved for the activity. Logistics. Aiming to build height and thus multiply its space, this comes with much more capital and higher rent-paying ability than industrial projects.

The problem is, it’s a coveted ‘candy’ – very close to the Harbor – and the losers of the competition will likely challenge the prize. In the early stages of the reindustrialization process, there was a legal struggle between consultants to see who would advise the process – the winner in the end. KPMG– and this delayed the work for several months.

Deal with D-Hub expected to close

The foundations of public competition for the manager of the space is a prerequisite for D-Hub, created by QEV Y B Technologymay be in a position to close its Free Trade Zone candidacy. These weeks he is negotiating with workers to take over the bulk of the workforce that Nissan has left. It would hire 200 this year and 600 more next year, gradually continuing until it employs 1,300 people in 2026. The problem is that a significant portion of the capital that D-Hub has to undertake depends on the alliances it has formed. According to sources familiar with the negotiations, it could be formed with other companies, and those deals won’t be able to close them until the public tender is approved.

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