The USA seized Biden’s chance to organize support for Ukraine at the UN General Assembly 11:56

According to the newspaper, it will be difficult for US President Joe Biden to organize support for Ukraine at the UN General Assembly due to the failure of the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the problems in the energy market. washington post.

“President Biden has a clear agenda for the annual meeting of world leaders at the UN General Assembly in New York this week: maintaining strong global support for Ukraine. “However, achieving this task will be difficult, especially this year.”

According to the publication, Ukrainian officials and diplomats were to arrive in New York on a wave of triumphant statements about captured towns and cities, but the Ukrainian army failed to achieve noticeable successes on the battlefield.

Formerly in the Federation Council saidWhat Russia wants to achieve during the UN General Assembly session.

Previously Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky reached He went to the USA to attend the UN General Assembly.

Source: Gazeta


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