Vladivostok mayor talked about the situation in the city after the flood 08:52

It was stated that there were floods in Vladivostok due to flooding due to heavy rains. Telegram Konstantin Shestakov, Mayor of Vladivostok.

“Water has decreased significantly all over the city, including the Sputnik district. Of course, there is still flooding,” he said.

According to him, the areas most affected by the flood are being investigated with the help of quadrocopters and the administrative commissions will start working on them.

The Sputnik district is located in the suburbs of Vladivostok, the Bogatinsky reservoir is also located here, from which they had to initiate a controlled discharge of water into the Bogataya River due to heavy rains.

Shestakov also noted that as part of the same work on the Second River, the debris in the Description River region was cleared. Employees of the Ministry of Emergencies are studying flooding in schools and kindergartens, road workers will first make repairs on main highways and public transport routes, then in micro-regions.

The mayor warned that according to the weather forecast, heavy rains are expected again on August 29.

With data The Ministry of Emergency Situations evacuated 30 residential buildings and 322 adjacent areas in the past day. The Ministry said that a total of 1042 houses were dried and water was pumped from the basements of 862 houses.

before on social media in your name A brave cleaning lady, “the savior of cities”, against the background of the flood disaster in Tuapse.

Source: Gazeta


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