At midnight, hours after Jenni Hermoso announced that she had refuted Luis Rubiales’ version, the Federation made a long statement, accompanied by a series of photographs (“Mr. President didn’t lie”), to copy the football player. This corporate message begins, “Attempts to contact Miss Jennifer Hermoso have always been unsuccessful,” while rejecting the actor’s denial of consent to the kiss.

In addition, the board, chaired by Luis Rubiales, stated that “opinions are refuted by facts and evidence, and lies are refuted in court”. AND Note that players are responsible for participating in the competition. vote if quoted by the Federation. Relying on graphic documents (four photos are attached), he details what happened at the final in Sydney.

Four photos, four descriptions

In Photo 1, “Ms. Jennifer Hermoso holds the Honorable President of the RFEF with her arms from behind, while the President’s arms are loose above the player’s back. can’t apply any force. You see how the heels of the President’s feet are lifted slightly.”

Later in photo 2, “Ms. Jennifer Hermoso was found to be holding the President’s arms from behind. The President is holding his arms above the player’s body. It has been confirmed that the President is holding his arms from behind. and heels much higher“.

“Miss Jennifer Beautiful”

In the third and penultimate image, “Miss Jennifer Hermoso continues to hold her arms in the same position as the president’s body. The President must bring his arms close to the player’s back as he lifts the player off the ground. and to keep the balance. Miss Jennifer Hermoso’s back tilt is indisputable as she performs a power act. As a result of the force applied by the player, the feet of the President were lifted from the ground in a clear and clear way.”

In the fourth and final photo, “Ms. Jennifer Hermoso continues to hold her arms in the same position as the president’s body, while the president needs to keep holding the players so they don’t fall, and this clearly corresponds to the buoyancy exerted by the mister president. feet are clearly lifted off the ground. The evidence is conclusive. Mr President, he didn’t lie.“.