Bueno goes to work: Meets AVI focused on fixing imbalances

As soon as he was appointed Minister for Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society, he already warned: “If something needs to be retouched so that the Valencia Innovation Agency (AVI) does not show any regional imbalances, we will”. Well said and done. Josefina Bueno decided to work now, keeping her first contact with Andrés García Reche, vice president of this department. A meeting that discussed various issues but still continues with the background noise of the controversial aid distribution last year is clearly discriminatory with the province of Alicante.

The balance of AVI’s recent appeal for universities, research groups and companies was deeply unsatisfactory in Alicante’s interests. Projects developed in this region received only 16.8% of the total fundsIt represents 8,807,091 euros compared to 83.2% formed by Valencia and Castellón, which together amounted to 43,535,522 euros. A distribution that provoked a wide response, with widespread criticism, not only from the political formations of the opposition, but also from the organizations to which these resources were directed.

It was without a doubt a debate that most impacted the Ministry of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society during Carolina Pascual’s tenure and that the new president, Josefina Bueno, did not want to repeat. This was stated in an interview given to INFORMATION this week, where he announced a meeting with Andrés García Reche, vice president of that department, so that if something needs to be retouched or fixed, it’s not a regional issue. imbalance will be made.

This contact took place on the same Friday and was reportedly the first to decide on priority issues to be addressed in the coming weeks. The Minister had the opportunity to pleasantly meet AVI’s entire human team. surprised by the youth and high availability of women.

As it could not have been otherwise, among the topics covered, Bueno showed interest in calls for help and other actions from the AVI. In this sense, Reche explained the different meetings organized by the Agency with Community universities to provide detailed information about each of the programs and to present their suggestions.

However, the vice president of AVI also reported on projects and actions carried out by his department. An impact of more than 17 million euros in the state of Alicante, with around 80 beneficiary organisations. As mentioned, the incentives allow the development of reusable containers from biopolymers with company ITC, rapid tests with Aguas de Alicante, UA and Integrated Genetic to detect bacteria in reclaimed water, and new antimicrobial fabrics and products based on natural extracts. Plants with Pascual and Bernabeu, Korott and Centrum Pharmaceutical Specialties.

Source: Informacion


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