Does the Liberal Democratic Party have an alternative: who can be the leader of the party?

Chief Candidate

The Liberal Democratic Party leadership will most likely support Leonid Slutsky’s candidacy for the post of party chairman. Yaroslav Nilov, a member of the Supreme Council of the party and a deputy of the State Duma, told about this.

“Several of our colleagues and regional branches have already expressed their opinion about Slutsky Leonid Eduardovich. The joint teamwork of our deputies, the Supreme Council, the regional branches gathered around Slutsky gives reason to believe that his candidacy in the Supreme Council can be supported, ”said the author.

The LDPR High Council is currently a collective body made up of 13 party members. The party will meet next week to decide by simple majority on the proposal of certain candidates for the post of chairman.

And although the position of the Supreme Council will certainly carry weight, the final decision will be made by the delegates of the party congress to be held on 27 May.

“All candidates are nominated in Congress – this is a procedural moment as written in the statutes. Candidates who believe they should apply for this position in Congress will be nominated. After that, the voting of the delegates nominated in advance by the conferences of the district branches takes place. The party’s press secretary, Alexander Dupin, told that the delegates decide by secret ballot, as in ordinary elections.

On May 18, Leonid Slutsky was already elected head of the LDPR faction in the State Duma, and the politician has not yet announced his plans to nominate a candidate for the chairmanship of the party. However, members of the same party voice his support.

“Slutsky is a very smart, talented person who has long headed the most complex international committee of the State Duma. Therefore, I am confident that his experience and talents will assist him in his position as leader of the Liberal Democratic Party. I cannot judge the professionalism of other applicants. But Leonid Eduardovich, it seems to me, is quite professional and will carry out constructive work as the head of the LDPR, ”said Leonid Eduardovich.

Who are the competitors?

However, there is no need to talk about the unconditional support of the head of the newly elected faction – opposition to Slutsky was found in the same Supreme Council. As early as 16 May, Duma member and former State Duma deputy Alexander Sherin announced his intention to run in the presidential elections.

In a video message posted on his social networks, he announced that he had already submitted his candidacy to give party members ample time to discuss his candidacy.

“I believe that I have the right to take this position along with other valuable people, including myself,” Sherin told But the final decision should be made by party members, a broad circle, direct delegates to the congress, which should reflect the true position of regional activists.”

“I will refrain from giving an assessment to Leonid Eduardovich, especially since a positive assessment of his candidacy both in the United Russia faction and in the highest posts was given at the highest level. What can I add to this? In response to a request to evaluate potential competitors, Sherin said:

At the same time, the politician noted that for him “the most serious rival” will be Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s son Igor Lebedev.

Lebedev did not openly mention his intention to compete for the party chairmanship. He also announced his decision to refuse to participate in the State Duma elections in 2021 and “suspend his participation in the political life of the country.”

In addition to Sherin, former State Duma deputy Vitaly Zolochevsky, who has not been involved in politics for several years, also publicly announced his candidacy. The nomination statement was posted on social networks 12 hours after Sherin’s announcement, but Zolochevsky urged a party member to support his candidate, claiming he was the first candidate.

Yaroslav Nilov stated that “only three people publicly put forward their candidacy”, adding that “St. Petersburg showman, Stanislav Baretsky, on the same level as Sherin and Zolochevsky. The latter, even at the last congress of the party, threatened to preside after Zhirinovsky, but this statement is not worth taking seriously.

What awaits the Liberal Democrat Party in the future?

It is unknown whether another fateful decision will be made for him at the LDPR convention. The party plans to stick to the route set by Vladimir Zhirinovsky so far.

“Our task is to preserve, preserve and increase the entire legacy that Zhirinovsky has left us. The situation in the country and the world now gives us the opportunity to progress and develop. Even under Zhirinovsky’s administration, the party produced new proposals and new ideas. I adjusted my program settings a little, but I stuck to my general course – to protect the Russian world in the world, ”the director said.

“We have a very great legacy of Vladimir Volfovich. I am confident that this legacy will help the Liberal Democratic Party achieve repeated victories and take worthy places in the elections,” said Vasily Vlasov.

Alexander Sherin also noted that the future of the party will directly depend on how the presidential election will be held.

“The fate of the party is largely predetermined by who and what kind of support this or that candidate will receive. The future fate of the Liberal Democratic Party depends on who the congressional delegates choose to elect. I only wish the party well-being and strengthening of its role in the political arena of the Russian Federation,” he said.

After the death of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the intrigue of the leadership in the LDPR is close to unraveling – at the end of May, party members will hold a congress at which a new chairman will be elected. The favorite of this race is Leonid Slutsky, who was appointed head of the faction in the State Duma. Whether this issue is finally resolved and who will compete with him at the party – in the material.

Source: Gazeta


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