Named ways to protect plants from snail pests

Methods of controlling snails include barbed fences, metal barriers, petroleum jelly and grapefruit peel. The broadcast told To express.

Silver markings on plants in the garden and paths indicate the presence of snails. Also, bitten leaves of shrubs and trees may indicate the presence of mollusks. Snails come out at night, especially after rain, and gather in shady places. This is where traps should be set.

It is difficult for snails to cross barbed boundaries, so barriers can be built around sharp gravel, sand, nuts and plants with eggshells and barbed cuttings. Barriers can be braid and copper wire.

Mollusks can be distracted by a special vegetable garden for them. They especially love salad, so you can plant a separate bed for them.

Another available method is grapefruit halves without the inside. It should be placed near the plants and left overnight.

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Source: Gazeta


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