PSOE now seeks a common front to defend transfer a year after local and regional elections

The politicians are already in the pre-campaign. One year left until the municipal elections and, surprisingly, the autonomous elections in the Community of Valencia. And that was precisely what signaled a very high political presence who went to the Plaza de la Montañeta in Alicante to demand the continuity of the Tajo-Segura transfer.

Never before have so many political representatives of all parties appeared in a protest to defend the streams.. a large representation of their positions PP, PSOE, Compromise, Cs and Vox they protected the demonstrators at the protest and on the tractor, and incidentally, showed their differencesblaming each other for using the protest partisans, is the word most often heard from the mouths of political representatives, each claiming to be the greatest defenders of irrigation. Yes definitely, they were together, but not mixed. Although the Socialists again sided with the waterers behind the main flag, each party sought its own space. lack of political unity It is an issue that concerns thousands of people.

There were many political presences, but the absence of the head of the Generalitat, the socialists, was noted. Ximo PuigDays before his presidency, he made excuses for not participating in non-institutional actions. A principle not shared by its Murcian counterpart, popular Fernando Lopez HeritageTogether with the chairman of the Alicante Provincial Council and the leader of the PPCV, who headed the PP delegation, Carlos Mazon.

To be exact, PSPV-PSOE’s new board of trustees Main Barcelonamoved away from the position his party has held so far and “common front” to defend “indispensable” So far, obviously, the unsought transfer. “We must unite and join forces”, shouted the PSPV-PSOE president as he tried to make his voice heard in the midst of the uproar, as if hoping that his words would not remain a sermon in the desert. Indeed, Barceló, who values ​​the presence of Consell officials such as Environment Ministers, Mireia Molla, and innovation, Josephine GoodHe wanted to show his willingness to join the common front by approaching the Murcian president, whom he had called at the end of the protest and to whom he had given a brief and frank speech for a few minutes.

PSPV trustee Ana Barceló speaks amicably with popular Fernando López Heritage, president of the Region of Murcia, at the end of the protest. Information

López Miras, on the other hand, did not hesitate to regret Puig’s absence and demanding “courage” from him so that both autonomies could form a whole. “common roadmap” against the central government to advocate the transfer. The Murcian head stressed that these water resources were transferred from Tagus. 15,000 families live in Murcia, Alicante and Almeria He accused the Enforcement Directorate that 70 percent of exported fruits and vegetables depended on production. Pedro Sanchez He is accused of trying to end the transfer “only for political reasons and without any technical criteria”. A few tens of kilometers from Valencia, Puig responded to the criticism by assuring that his cabinet was for a solution, while others were calling. “a flag of conflict” accusing the PP of making election revenue and returning to past water wars, which was “a disaster”.

Famous Carlos Mazón and Fernando López Heritage did not hesitate to get on the tractor. Axel Alvarez

The Irrigators showed their displeasure against Botànic and the central Government, shouting “stop the reconciliation” and “red card to the Government and the PSOE”, as their representatives spoke to the media and some unfurled banners against the PSOE as well as the PP. and Cs. for “vote against transfer” in Castilla-La Mancha. Only the Vox and C’s, with much less corporate representation, have escaped harsh criticism from the waterers. A banner with the slogan “We are here because of PPSOE” got politicians, yes, held by prominent members of Vox. There is evidence that citizens are tired of the political conflict and that there is no unity between the parties.

The Valencian government, of which Barceló was a member until Monday, has changed its rhetoric regarding the cut of the Tajo-Segura transfer, which has not joined their protest for its maintenance these years, with the few exceptions of the minister Mullah and regional officials. agriculture secretaryRoger Llanes, to a few calls. “We demand that the government reconsider its position and maintain the current conditions of the transfer,” said the PSPV-PSOE board of trustees, who preferred “dialogue”. New Minister of Innovation and Universities Alicante Josephine GoodIn a message addressed to PP, he censored the “impossible thing” to defend a case. “controversies and partisan interests” he said it only creates insecurity and uncertainty.

The socialist presence was enormous, never before seen in a demonstration to defend the interests of the irrigation by cutting off the water infrastructure. Thus, he joined in addition to Barceló and Llanes and in the absence of Generalitat President Ximo Puig. Ruben AlfaroCorporate Affairs secretary of PSPV and president of FVMP; Alexander Solerthe general secretary of the PSPV-PSOE in the province of Alicante; Rose GuillenPSPV-PSOE Minister of Water; Tony FrenchPSOE spokesperson on the County Council and mayor of Alcoy; Josephine GoodMinister of Innovation; Yolanda Sevanational representative; Toni Sernaregional secretary of cooperation; Caroline Gracethe mayor of Orihuela; Carlos Gonzalez, the mayor of Elche and other socialist councilors from Dolores, Los Montesinos, San Fulgencio, Guardamar, Xixona or Villena, among others. Although the PSOE insisted on the inalienability of the transfer, it needed visibility in an action where its message did not fully penetrate among the waterers, thereby preventing the public from activating the political presence in protest.

exactly, PP He also participated in a broad representation chaired by Carlos Mazón, accompanied by the provincial PP president in addition to López Heritage. Tony Perez; provincial deputies Ana Serna, Eduardo Dolón, Juan de Dios Navarro, Miguel Ángel Sánchez, Mari Carmen Jover, Alejandro Morant, Javier Sendra, María Gómez and Sebastián Cañadas; national deputies, Cesar Sanchez and Agustin Almodobar; senator Paul Ruz: district deputies Jose Antonio Rovira, Miguel Barrachina and Elisa Diaz; mayors of Alicante, luis barcalaBy Pilar de la Horadada, José Maria Perezfrom Cox, Antonio BernabeuFrom Callosa de Segura, Manuel Martinezfrom Canada, John Molinafrom Biar, Martinez canfrom August, Juanjo Castello or Redovan’s, Nelly Ruiz, among others. Mazón demanded “dialogue” with the central Administrator; Fernando López Heritage, president of the Region of Murcia, called for “technical” criteria for the Tagus and a new Hydrographic Plan for the Junta de Andalucía’s delegate in Almería, Aranzazu MartinHe thought that more “ideological” issues than “scientific” issues were being acted upon.

Vox members hold a banner against PP and PSOE in protest. Axel Alvarez

Mazón advocated reaching an agreement between the Spanish Government and the autonomous communities He accused Pedro Sánchez’s Government of deceiving the irrigators and farmers of Castilla-La Mancha, whom he called “brothers”. “We also protect them against the demagogy and division among Spaniards promoted by Sánchez’s socialist government,” the PPCV leader said. Mazon, a negotiation table and urged Puig to be “brave” and “Come here to defend the water your land deserves” for this, he calls for confronting his own party, if necessary, and abandoning “half-measures”.

agreeHe also wanted to show his support to the farmers and the Minister of Agriculture and Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition, who brought unprecedented representation to the protest, Mireia Molla, Confirmed that there is room for negotiation with the governmentAccording to the deputy spokesperson at Cortes, Morewas trying. The Valencian body also sought a place in the demonstration, demanding that the central Executive “listen” to the demands of the waterers. Molla, Consell del Botànic “technical guarantee” and “reason” for asking the Government to reconsider its position. However, they recognized and argued that their location should be ecological flows. 6 m3/second He said they would make the Tagus “guaranteed”, in addition to asking Madrid to further clean the river.

In addition to the Minister of Agriculture and the deputy trustee in Parliament, the mayors of Crevillent joined the Compromis, José Manuel Penalva; Daya Vieja’s Joseph Vincent Fernandez or Alicante City Council spokesperson, Natxo Bellidoamong other council members from municipalities in the province.

From Cs, its trustee Ruth MerinoIn the face of such a problem, he preferred to attack PSOE, which he accused of removing himself from his profile, and claimed that the transfer problem was caused by ‘Notification’. bipartisanship. “Decades of bipartisanship has led to the destruction of thousands of Alicante families connected to the Tajo-Segura transfer,” said Merino, who is the highest representative of a low-hours formation and also wanted to show his support for the irrigationists. Cs Board of Trustees Asks Puig to “stand” in front of Sánchez and an advocate national water agreementIt will be one of the axes of the campaign with the formation of the PP and PSOE, which “guarantee the equality of water resources to all regions”, without always giving up charging the inks against the bipartisanship that constitutes the PP and PSOE. They are Arrimadas. District deputies of the cs also joined the concentration Mary Quiles, Yaneth Giraldo, Fernando Lopis Y little roseBesides the vice president of Diputación de Alicante, Julia Parraand other state and municipal positions in the state, such as mayor of Granja de Rocamora, Xavier Mora or the deputy mayor of Orihuela, Joseph Aix.

If the Government continues to be “obstinate” in cutting the Tajo-Segura transfer, Parra said, “It condemns us all to a very dark future.” Regarding Botànic’s position, the vice-president of the Provincial Council asked for “more power” with the central Executive because, in his view, the Community of Alicante and Valencia “does little”.

By Vox, his spokesperson in the district council, Main Vegaonce again, stating that education “will not leave the farmer alone” connection between basins. A case approved by the head of Vox Murcia, Jose Angel AnteloStating that the PP and PSOE are “trying to generate local revenue simply by saying one thing in one place and another in another”.

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