Puig reset Consel a year before the election, with an eye for recovery

Encourage government action The decisive moment to restart the Community in the post-pandemic era, To exploit the extraordinary potential of European funds and thereby explore the transformations necessary to strengthen the region with an eye to the next decade. This is the leitmotif of the deep restructuring at Consell, a full-fledged reset formalized by Ximo Puig, president of the Generalitat, a year after the election; a tactical action involving changes in four of the ministries Those belonging to the share of the socialists in Botany, to another, also in the hands of Compromís. The district baron appeared this Saturday to formalize the names and distribution of powers contemplated in the new structure of the Executive, which he heads; A Consel entering the final year of the legislature before elections scheduled for 2023. new Head of Health, a department that includes independent units Miguel MinguezA doctor who works as head of service at the Valencia Clinical Hospital and works at the hospital in La Vila Joiosa. Other names were already known as they were leaked on Friday. So, next to Senator Josefina Bueno The only new additions appointed as the new Minister of Innovation based in Alicante. Changes to the rest of the fields, Arcadi Spain at the head of the Treasury; Rebeca Torró in Regional Policy; and Raquel Tamarit in Education is the result of displacements.

Changes to Consell mean that Alicante will lose one of the two ministers linked to PSPV-PSOE. From now on, only Josefina Bueno will remain in office. However, the province gains weight in the legislature, Ana Barceló as the new trustee of the parliamentary group in the Cortes after leaving Health. In any case, an unconvincing argument in certain circles of the party in the province due to the loss of a person in the executive, but also because, in the end, the brand new Minister of Innovation was not framed. Any of the families of Alicante socialism. This then means that no one can “get” it; this could be interpreted as the currents closest to Puig being able to lose weight in an autonomous Executive for the first time in Generalitat’s history. will have more women than men; specifically, seven out of twelve total.

The loss of the Alicante quota in Consell is viewed with skepticism in some quarters of the state’s PSOE.

In the government, which will start this Monday, when the transfer of authority will take place is interpreted as follows: Arcadi Spain, Puig’s right-hand man at Consell andHe is one of the ministers who became stronger by taking the head of the Ministry of Finance under Vicente Soler. Also, regional Economy Secretary Rebeca Torró, who has undertaken Regional Policy, weighs in as a tribute to the efforts made to get the Volkswagen gigafactory located in Sagunto. This tactical move led to the withdrawal of one of the voices that had hitherto held more weight among Consell’s socialists, such as Vicente Soler, whom Puig credits for his seven years of dedication to the accounts of the Generalitat. It did so with two other profiles emerging from the government ranks, Ana Barceló and Carolina Pascual, who also jumped from Innovation. The President lovingly rejected them all, but He was more enthusiastic with Soler and the former mayor of Sax. Spotted with Pascual when it was a little cooler.

Until this Saturday, the person in charge of the Valencia Treasury has been at the forefront of this work throughout the work. Botànic’s seven years of activity, It came to the fore because it managed to get seven budgets approved, framed in a scenario of coalition governments, that it required, and especially because it raised its voice to demand reform of the financing system that was blocking opportunities. for the community.

Soler’s political future is one of those unknowns that has remained unresolved since this government crisis today. It is speculated that he may occupy the vacant seat left by Bueno in the Senate. with everything, The head of Consell said he continued to “trust him” but that Soler himself would set his course. Some voices indicate that he was betting on ending this term as minister. It will now be his incumbent successor who will have to take the banner of the fight for a fair distribution system of State funds, which deals with the Government of Pedro Sánchez and ultimately the different actors of Spain. autonomy so that progress can be made in resolving the issue. The PSOE is expected to do this organically as well, as it is integrated with the Federal Executive Commission.

conversation capacity

Regarding Barceló, who left Health after piloting the administration of the pandemic to return to the legislature, the socialist baron justified the opportunity to place him at the forefront of the Valencian Parliament, considering him a profile capable of dialogue. To ensure fluidity between the Parliamentary group and the Government. Puig said in her speech that she is “a valued, serious, meticulous and open-minded person who knows what it means to deal with difficult situations.” In response, he was also asked about his decision. innovation leadership changehighlighted the work carried out by Carolina Pascual was crucial for three years and he valued “civil service capacity,” although he argued that there are times when it is appropriate to make changes. “He could have gone on, but I thought this change would be for the better,” he said, adding that Pascual “understood the political moment.” Because, according to the Consell president, it is precisely the current context and challenges he must face that have motivated this week-long political earthquake since he announced he was considering giving it new impetus. Until the government finally made its strategy public. On the other hand, the movements emphasizing that they had nothing to do with electoral problems but with the re-activation of the Jamaat in a year that they thought were decisive, therefore drew profiles of “professional, managerial and solvent”. The character at the head of the government. ». Another thing is that the changes are overly enthusiastic, especially the part that touches Health. The fact that the chosen one, Miguel Mínguez, was not known until the last minute was disappointing in some industries. “I waited a long time to see what was going on in health, and it turned out to be a foreigner in the end,” said one of the socialist ranks.

With his speech from the Saló de Corts del Palau, Puig sought to mark a turning point in a mandate that was already nearing the end of the legislature. With a speech framed by a halo of optimism, conveying the message that the community will emerge stronger. After all, it’s the same line it has followed in recent months, where it has highlighted good indicators in terms of employment growth and establishment of companies; Therefore, some voices wondered why these changes were caused if the traced line was correct. with everything, Puig tried to decouple this entire government crisis from his electoral goals. and its message focused on responding to the need to most strongly confront a new phase where promoting economic growth, job creation, the attractiveness of major strategic projects and the energy transition are key issues in this new phase. However, no one is unaware that the rendezvous with the polls is there, they need to fix issues like the party leadership in the city of Alicante, and there are departments that are already showing pretty clear signs of fatigue.

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