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“The future is not what will happen, but what we will do,” said José Luis Borges. A phrase used by Ana Barceló (Sax, 1959) on Twitter this Saturday. close a stage Opening a new one from the last four years at the head of the Ministry of Health and which will take him back to the Valencian Parliament, but on this occasion, PSPV-PSOE’s board of trusteesshe was also the first female spokesperson for the Socialists in the Autonomous Assembly in the entire history of self-government.

He graduated from the University of Valencia in Law School, worked as a lawyer until 2002, just a year before he became mayor of Sax for two terms. He lost the 2011 elections. Meanwhile, in 2008, first general secretary of the PSPV-PSOE in the state. From there, he remained in the municipal opposition for a year, but relinquished his post as a councilor to focus on his responsibilities in the Valencian Parliament, where he was chairman and general secretary of the socialist group, deputy trustee and second vice-president. Room desk. Now, after becoming the minister managing the Generalitat’s largest budget at 7.837 million this year, but above all, the minister piloting the pandemic is doing the opposite.

Borges’ statement perfectly describes what his philosophy of life has been up to now. Although she is considered a party woman, she has always been one of those who believe that one should not look at her, although those who know her say that her entry into politics was somewhat haphazard and largely due to her connection with the Moorish and Christian holidays in Sax. Neither the past nor the future is worth living in politics only in the present. During his first phase in the Cortes he was one of the main supporters of Manolo Mata, then Socialist Síndic in the Cortes; José Luis Rodriguez is one of the confidants of Leire Pajín, who was fully Minister of Health in the Zapatero Government; and Ximo Puig had a decisive role in his victory over Jorge Alarte in 2012, allowing him to step into the circle of trust of Alfred Boix, one of the president’s strongmen until he became one of his people. province.

Throughout his career, Barceló has always valued his spirit of deliberation, dialogue and moderation. Now, if there is one thing that stands out in him for those who know him, it doesn’t matter whether they are friends or political enemies, it is his capacity to work and his excess of responsibility. To the point where, according to his closest collaborative circle, he was always one of the first to arrive and the last to leave, even at the cost of sleeping very little. Frankly, the worst health crisis of the last century left him with no other options, but in his previous phase on the Cortes he was said to be one of the lawmakers who spent the most time in the seat. The press conference he presented to reveal the contagion data will become history just hours after his mother dies.

During these two years of covid, his department’s management may be questioned, but his delivery never questioned. Particularly controversial was his rejection of the lack of protective supplies in the early days of the pandemic – which Justice even came to confirm – and attributing infections in the toilets to his trips and contacts with family and friends.

His arrival in Health was also very coincidental. The no-confidence motion that put Pedro Sánchez on the throne as Head of Government in 2018, and the subsequent appointment of Carmen Montón as Minister of Health, compelled Consell chief Ximo Puig to take action. The district department went from being led by a woman with a Medical degree to being led by a lawyer. The choice was not left to chance. The probability of a pandemic in 2018 was little more than a dystopia, and the priority was to consolidate the special concession reversal processes that the Torrevieja and Marina Alta departments focused on.

His departure was less dangerous. Personal wear and tear was evident, and in practice, since last fall there has been speculation about his departure, almost as quickly as his prospects for the Socialists’ nomination for Mayor of Alicante grew stronger. From there, various possibilities were discussed, going through the Government Delegation, from the Ministry of Innovation or Regional Policy to the presidency of the Alicante Port Authority. There were several months when he stole for almost everything. Plenty of rewards were paid for favors in the region most eroded by COVID, but attention was drawn from a position to give visibility to the municipal election campaign in the provincial capital. and let it hit more Alicante. This is what motivated him to become president of PSPV-PSOE in November of last year.

Eventually, Manolo Mata’s departure from Cortes made it possible for change to happen. His name is still in the pools to become a headliner at the municipality next year. It has the approval of former senator Ángel Franco to do so. It is true that the name has lost some power and other names have emerged, such as the new Minister of Innovation, Josefina Bueno. But Ana Barceló keeps counting.

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