A consellara with a class conscious and immigrant spirit

They say childhood experiences mark the future for a lifetime. This is the case of Josefina Bueno, the new Minister of Regional Innovation. False class consciousness in France He guides her in her political career after she was born there after her parents had to emigrate from Vega Baja.

Consell chairman Ximo Puig elected Josefina Bueno to replace Carolina Pascual. Department of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society. This is someone you totally trust, because it was he who, after a long and well-known career as a full professor of French Philology at the University of Alicante, insisted on entering the world of politics, where he went to work as Vice-Chancellor of the University. Extension. From there, he assumed the Generalitat’s Directorate-General for University, Research and Science before becoming a senator in Botànic’s first legislature, currently in the current position, with the appointment of the Valencian Courts.

As the Minister, we have finished a brief summary of what has been done under contract so far. But to truly understand Josefina Bueno’s life trajectory and how her personality was shaped, you have to go back much further before she was even born. He really It was a girl from Paris., but there is an explanation for it. And that his parents were forced to emigrate from Callosa de Segura, in the heart of Vega Baja, in 1963, “not for political reasons, but for economic reasons,” as he himself is responsible for explaining.

This was a result of the crisis that completely affected the municipality, due to the closure of companies dedicated to network generation at that time. While her father went to work at the Citroën factory in the French capital, her mother devoted herself to cleaning. It was extended over time until he had completed his 25-year stay in France, which should have been a temporary measure to pay off debts and create a better future. During this period, especially when Josefina was born in 1966, she completed her primary education there.

His arrival in Spain took place at the age of 18, when he came of age to study French Philology at the University of Murcia. After graduating, he started working as an assistant professor at the University of Alicante in 1992, where he developed his entire academic career. During Ignacio Jiménez Raneda’s tenure, he moved from assistant to head and later professor before becoming head of the University Extension Secretariat and, together with Manuel Palomar, director of the Alicante City University Space.

And how did you decide to enter politics? As he himself admitted,being the daughter of immigrants means a lot“Because going through various hardships and living away from home creates class consciousness, it allows you to stand on the side of the disadvantaged and fight against the barriers above them,” she adds. firm commitment to feminism and equality.

In any case, and although the seed has already been planted, Ximo Puig had to insist twice to persuade him to dive in. At first, he suggested that the Valencian Courts preside over the list for the province of Alicante, which he rejected, but with Botànic at the head of the Generalitat, he had no choice but to accept the latter of the proposals, so at that time a department subordinated to Vicente Marzà’s Ministry of Education. He said that he would assume the General Directorate of the University.

At the beginning of the current legislature, after learning to study the internal and external affairs of public administration in a department that he perfectly controls due to previous university experience, jumped to the SenateHe came to chair the Equality Commission while he was part of Spanish Television and the European Union. In short, more experience eventually finished as Minister of Innovation.

The task ahead is not easy.Because although Carolina Pascual and her entire team do not hesitate to say that they have done a difficult job, she is also aware that there is much more to be done. “I feel a great responsibility because I am returning to my city at the head of a ministry called Alicante,” he emphasizes.

And the thing is, after these last three years where visibility has not been the main virtue of her incumbent predecessor, Josefina Bueno is getting ready to introduce this regional department as follows. A vital tool of Consell’s government action in the state. As he puts it, “in these times of political discontent, citizens need to feel this department as their own, see it as the transmission belt of policies originating from the Generalitat, and know that there is a structure they can appeal to to communicate their needs.

Keep promoting Digital Zone projects; Finally, solving the funding problems of universities or continuing to work to end the digital divide once and for all are issues that need to be well channeled in the short time remaining from today until the elections. The challenge is not small, but it guarantees that you will put your whole soul into the effort.

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