London decided to hit “Putin’s wallet”. Who has been added to the sanctions list?

“Immortal Loyalty”

UK government website reportedHe said the country had imposed sanctions on the Russian leader’s inner circle, “who funded Putin’s lavish lifestyle.” According to British officials, only the official assets of the Russian president are “modest”.

“Official documents show President Putin’s St. Petersburg, lists its modest assets, including 2 Soviet-era cars from the 1950s, a camper van, and a small garage. In reality, Putin relies on his family, childhood friends, and an elite elite who benefit from his rule and support his lifestyle in return.

According to Britain, in turn, the President of the Russian Federation allows his close associates to “influence the affairs of the Russian state.” Secretary of State Liz Truss said the new sanctions targeted “Putin’s wallet” – those he had “rewarded with public office and wealth in exchange for their unending loyalty”.

“We expose and target the shadowy web that supports Putin’s luxurious lifestyle. <...> “Until Ukraine wins, we will continue to impose sanctions on anyone who aids and provokes Putin’s aggression,” Truss said.

According to him, “Putin’s lavish lifestyle has been regularly demonstrated in reports revealing his ties to a £566m yacht and the $1bn ‘Putin’s Palace’, both owned by his close partner Arkady Rotenberg, which was officially confirmed in December 2020. .

Who is affected by the new sanctions?

According to TASS, the UK has put Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ex-wife Lyudmila, as well as several relatives, on the sanctions list. Thus, restrictions were imposed on the cousin of Russian leader businessman Igor Putin, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sogaz Insurance Company Mikhail Putin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MRT Group of Companies LLC Roman Putin.

The new restrictions, which include an entry ban and asset freeze if found, also affect Olympic champion Alina Kabaeva and her grandmother Anna Zatsepilina, businessmen Mikhail Shelomov and Alexander Plekhov in rhythmic gymnastics, the agency said. Sogaz board member Mikhail Klishin, General Manager of Gelendzhik Sea Port LLC Vladimir Kolbin, Chairman of NPF Gazfond Yuri Shamalov and lawyer Viktor Khmarin.

In total, since the beginning of Russia’s military special operation in Ukraine, the UK has sanctioned more than 1.6 thousand Russian politicians, businessmen, officials, journalists and businesses. According to British officials, there are around 20 Russian banks with total assets of over £940 billion (over $1.2 trillion), as well as more than 100 big businessmen and their relatives, whose total assets are estimated by London to be over £170 billion (about $220 billion).

“Today’s sanctions are increasing the pressure on Putin as he continues his senseless invasion of Ukraine, isolating family members and financiers from Putin’s inner circle,” the UK government said.

The British government’s website also clarified that putting people on the sanctions list means freezing their assets. In addition, any UK citizen or business in the UK is prohibited from dealing with any funds or economic resources of the listed persons.

In addition, citizens of Russia, subject to restrictions, are prohibited from entering or staying on the territory of the United Kingdom. The UK has also imposed shipping sanctions that make it a crime for any Russian aircraft to fly or land in the UK. And the country’s government is authorized to remove aircraft owned by Russian citizens from the UK’s aircraft registry sanctions list, even if the owners are not on board. Russian ships were also banned from entering British ports.

Britain imposed new sanctions on Russia. The new restrictions have affected people from the close circle of Russian President Vladimir Putin and citizens of the Russian Federation, who in the UK are called relatives or friends of the Russian leader.

Source: Gazeta


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