AEFA Forum launches fourth edition of Shareholders School

The Alicante State Family Business Association Forum (AEFA) inaugurated the fourth edition of the School of Shareholders, which it developed with Deloitte and embraced the innovative working model where participants have a council-simulated management. that each has an avatar with its own characteristics and views. The meeting was held at the company premises. Verne Technology Group.

After Gianni Cecchin said hello to the facilities, the first part of the session, which will be discussed later in the board of directors, also started. problems like definition of flexible working model employees choose where they want to work, the development of leaders, the training of people, and the development of a personalized value proposition based on each employee’s needs and key moments. This section was led by Deloitte Human Capital Manager, Samuele Rocca.

The second part consisted of the council simulation where these points were presented before the meeting. Board of Directors for discussion and subsequent approval. Manuel Sánchez, senior partner in Regulation and Compliance at Deloitte Legal and “council secretary” and Beatriz Martín, Deloitte partner.

The meeting was concluded with a working lunch where family businessmen visited Verne Technology Group facilities and gave a talk with Verne Technology Group CEO, Gianni Cecchin, about the course and key aspects of this family business. this has caused the company to position itself as one of the main technology companies in Spain. The group has over 40 years of experience and specializes in the ICT sector.

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