Infighting between Bravo and Oltra amid the Consell crisis

Troubled times within Consell. With Vicen Marzà’s resignation from the Ministry of Education and the reshaping of the socialist sector, there is a debate between the minister about the renewal of positions in the regional government. Gabriela Brave, and the environment of the vice-president and attendant at the desk of the Valencian government, Monica Oltra, He is responsible for some of the statements of the head of the Ministry of Justice regarding the judicial situation in which Oltra lives.

“If I am faced with a situation where the reputation of the institution you represent is damaged, I will consider leaving”In an interview with Cadena COPE, Bravo said the vice president and co-spokesperson of Compromís was concerned with possible impeachment for the ministry’s actions in protecting a minor in abused care.

Bravo’s words were unpopular in the vice president’s environment. One of those who reacted became the chief of staff of the ministry. Michael Royal, Those who think that “nuances are not important” for “a layman” (person who lacks education according to RAE), but “nuances are important for a lawyer”.

Real, in a statement on Twitter, “There are two sentences, not three, none of them mention the administration in proven facts, neither good nor bad. Bravo, who is a lawyer, knows that he is lying.” News in the words of Brave

He wasn’t the only one expressing himself through the social network, a space prone to littering his face. Likewise, Carles Mulet, senator of Comprom from the Initiative (Oltra’s party), stated that if Bravo “goes home, we will applaud and breathe”. “When no one can stand by him in the ministry, He attacks Botànic’s columns, as in the crusade against Valencia. And when you know you’re only on duty for what you are, you’re putting the organization at risk,” Mulet said on social media.

It’s not the first fight between Bravo and Compromís.. The latter was related to the language requirement last week, following the ministry’s proposal to request a B2 from the senior official, while the Valencia coalition claimed the former mitja was a C1. Oltra and Bravo are also not known for domestic tensions such as the prostitution ban or the management of the gender violence office.

President of the Generalitat, for his part, Ximo Puig refrained from going further and when asked about Bravo’s remarks about Oltra’s situation, he replied that this was the “personal opinion” of the councillor and that there was “no message to anyone” and that there was no official PSVP line behind his words.

Source: Informacion


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