Municipalities collect 70% of complaints to Antifraud

The vast majority of complaints that reach the Agency’s alert mailbox against Fraud and Corruption of the Valencian Community come from municipalities. Municipal government is questioned in many more cases than, for example, the Generalitat. Complaints about Generalitat’s work have subsided, despite Consell’s management of 25,000 million euros per year and the budget not stopping its growth each year.

Almost 70% of reported illegal practices affect local government, compared to 15, according to a 2021 report submitted to the Courts Economic Commission this Tuesday by Joan Llinares, director of the Anti-Fraud Office. percentage of autonomous. The latter accounted for 30% in 2018 and 20% in 2020, so the trend is bearish.

In absolute terms, complaints about local government reached 241 in the last year compared to 131 a year ago and 89 a year ago, so they don’t stop growing. About the management of the Generalitat 53 people were taken.

Municipalities collect 70% of complaints to Antifraud

Local Police under the yoke

As a whole, 58% more complaints are piling up (359), and in the first quarter of 2022 alone, alerts are already reaching 115, which will increase to 430 in a year’s progress. the election of the local police as one of the opposition with greater favoritism weeks ago. Nearly half of the complaints are about human resource management, followed by subsidies and urban planning issues that go beyond public procurement.

For city councils where the principles of equality, merit and capacity are not guaranteed and therefore flawed, Llinares has made matters of staff selection processes or unfair public remuneration, which he himself referred to as corruption cases.

He called for avoidance of the experience of the past and called for the implementation of tools to improve good control, which saves a lot of money.

The PP announced that the Botànic government will request the extraordinary appearance of the Anti-Fraud director on emergency contracts, particularly for the purchase of sanitary supplies in excess of 30m euros. Secretary Rebeca Torró, who claims to know the businessman who brought materials from the time of urban planning, ”said the deputy Fernando Pastor. “We would have avoided the situation with Ayuso’s brother,” replied socialist José Muñoz, if there were an anti-fraud agency in Madrid.

Research into emergency contracts is almost complete

Anti-fraud is conducting an open investigation into Generalitat’s emergency contracts during the pandemic, and this file is nearly finished. This was confirmed by party director Joan Llinares, in response to questions from the opposition about emergency contracts. When this file was notified to him, he committed to making it public where it “failed”. Llinares highlighted the lack of internal control among “mistakes” made with emergency contracts during covid, which affected very significant amounts. “It could not prevent cost overruns, but it could rationalize or streamline its operation,” the director reasoned.

Source: Informacion


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