Puig leaves Government delegation out of Consell’s wheel of change

The day of transition to Consel’s crisis has been announced, but without specifying or specifying the moment at which it will be implemented. Executive chairman Ximo Puig said he was only working on it and that Cortes would become a new socialist mayor before the next plenary meeting. Next Wednesday.

At the moment, there is tension in the departments appearing in the pools, as Puig hastens the final chapter of the legislature by preparing a major reform in the socialist part of the government, giving an injection of illusion ahead. from the 2023 elections.

And tension in the environment due to the shock wave of changes. But its effects will not reach one of the positions that have been in the limelight since José Luis Ábalos left the Ministry of Transport. Gloria Calero’s continuity as a Government delegate in the Valencian Community is out of the equation, as this newspaper has learned. Puig will not use this position to place any pawns that may leave the Executive. Beyond personal preference, time is running out and that would be a complex move because it requires Moncloa’s consent.

For now, Puig continues to reflect on the changes. It is assumed that Health Minister Ana Barceló will replace Manolo Mata as trustee. From there, changes could affect Treasury heads Vicen Soler, as this paper publishes; Innovation, Carolina Pascual and Region, Arcadi Spain. Second, a macro can add consolidated entitlements.

On the other hand, Clara Tirado of Castellón, the current head of Soler’s cabinet, is a possible replacement for Xelo Angulo, director of Cooperation going to Parliament.

Source: Informacion


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