Medvedev describes Europe as ‘amazing history’ 08:34

Dmitry Medvedev, vice-president of the Russian Security Council, said that European countries are crazy, constantly exacerbating and exacerbating the situation with their decisions. Medvedev shared this view with journalists during his visit to Vietnam. DEA News.

At the same time, he noted that at that time, the United States was pursuing its pragmatic goals by trying to “destroy its century-old enemy” against Russia.

“Europe has gone mad. The US is acting in its own pragmatic interests. They don’t fight themselves, they make money. They are trying to destroy a centuries-old enemy. When it comes to Europe, that’s a great story for me. With the decisions they make, they are constantly warming and warming the environment,” he said.

Also Dmitry Medvedev estimated Ukrainian section on “Korean scenario”. He believes that the Ukrainian leadership is trying to find out how the public perceives the division of the country according to the “Korean scenario” to resolve the conflict. According to the deputy head of the Security Council, this option is the most acceptable for the Kiev authorities.

Source: Gazeta


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