Oriol Junqueras reappears in Alicante to support a left front for the 2023 election

Oriol Junqueras, leader of the Esquerra Republica de Catalunya, has landed in Alicante today to support his future candidacy. Mikel Forcada As per the list for the 2023 elections Republican Left of Valencia Country in the city. Junqueras showed his willingness to work side by side with the head of that list of formations in the provincial capital because, as he showed, this is a particularly interesting position for his political formation. upcoming election cycles. During his visit to the provincial capital, a series of meetings were held with civic and social organizations, where it was emphasized that the aim was to promote a left front that succeeded in overthrowing the local government led by Luis Barcala for local elections. .

Ever since I got out of jail I told my colleagues that I really wanted to go to País Valencià. We are here to listen to the social, economic situation, infrastructure, education or university needs and to have the opportunity to work with the candidate.” process Catalan convicted of mutiny and embezzlement. Junqueras remained in prison until he signed the central government pardon.

Oriol Junqueras is on the terrace in front of the Central Market. Alex Dominguez

Junqueras stated that the aim of Esquerra Republica was to obtain the greatest political representation in Alicante and was convinced that his party offered useful recommendations for citizens. He also gave an example that there are similar neighborhoods in the city. John XXIII, “too many deficits of all kinds” and should be covered. We can contribute a lot to make this work under better conditions.”

Forcada, on the other hand, announced its intention to promote a formula similar to the one designed under the Guanyar Alacant name in 2015. To do this, they will now try to shape it by contacting other progressive formations, neighborhood groups and sectoral organisations.

Junqueras met with ERPV members and representatives of civic and social organizations. Alex Dominguez

As might be expected, reactions to Junqueras’ visit were swift. The Catalan independence leader enjoyed lunch this morning. Plaza 25 de Mayo, in front of the Central Market, and later starred in a meeting with the media. Meanwhile, the bipartisan (PP and Cs) municipal spokesperson who runs the Alicante City Council, Anthony ManresaHe argued that Alicante was an “open and hospitable city”, even to the “pardoned people who came to present books, saying they would stage a coup again to get the government to pardon”. However, he reiterated that above all the city was welcoming and that he was “gratified that Junqueras has come to present his book today.”

Xavier López, spokesman for United We Can at Alicante City Council, denied Manresa’s words and considered it “unfortunate” that Manresa took advantage of her position and pointed to any situation on behalf of the City Council. political leader to join the city. “He’s lying, saying that Alicante is a hospitable city, but not with its government, of course. It’s a hospitable city as long as you have money, fines if you’re homeless, you’re persecuted. And you’re expelled from our municipal tenure,” he said.

“What Manresa has to do is measure his words much more and repeal a regulation that does not welcome Alicante,” he said.

Source: Informacion


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