Inma Cuesta She is one of the greatest actresses of our country. It has a total of 17 years of active career and an extensive filmography behind it, but Little is known about his personal life, because he has always been very shy about it. Therefore, last December maternity was offered to the publicThe news took everyone by surprise.

41-year-old became a star new mom shortly before the pandemic, after receiving a treatment IVFhowever nothing was known about the birth The story of the little girl until the ‘ABC’ newspaper brought this information to light a year and a half later.

Now Cuesta tackles the problem for the first time ‘Hola!’ In an interview with the magazine, here He talked about the sweet moment he and his girlfriend had. As the translator himself elaborates, it is a new phase that both of them are experiencing “with great happiness”. “We have created a beautiful family and we are very happy”. This is absolutely unconditional love.”

Little and nothing is known about their dating as they both prefer to keep their name and name. special relationship. It was reported that the couple first became known during the premiere. Alicante Film Festivalwhen? without revealing his girlfriend’s identityAfter receiving the award, the Valencian translator had the opportunity to include this in his speech of thanks. “It is thanks to my love of being the best adventure partner and my desire for more,” he said.

Also, Inma Cuesta has made it clear that she never intends to keep their relationship or the family they’ve formed “secret”, but that she doesn’t feel the need to publicly share the details of her intimacy. “I’m not just talking about my life”clarifies.