Language requirement for senior officials divides unions

What level of Valencians will be required to access higher civil service positions has come to the unions’ table this Monday. Insisting on the idea outlined last week, Minister of Justice Gabriela Bravo passed on to the unions her proposal to demand B2 for Civil Service personnel at the highest level: not to demand more Valencians from education than can be guaranteed. His proposal to the unions was rejected by CSIF and Intersindical for different reasons (practically hostile), while UGT PV and CC OO had the support of PV; the first because no type of requirement should be demanded but the language should be “merit” whereas for Intersindical the minimum should be C1, old mitjà.

Both UGT and CC OO considered the Ministry’s recommendation “not to be requested beyond the levels approved by the education system” as “reasonable”. Currently, a B2 is accredited upon completion of the Baccalaureate, a level where Justice sets the ceiling. This request from Bravo highlights the Ministry of Education’s approval system. Therefore, if a C1 is required, they state that the same level is accredited “as in Galicia” at the end of the pre-university stage. Against the ministry’s proposal, Intersindical has already shown its anger with last week’s regulatory report and Bravo’s position.

They argue that a degree, or even a master’s degree, is required to apply for senior civil service positions, so the academic level is higher than the Baccalaureate, and therefore the equivalent level in language skills must also be higher, achieved. To C1, old mitjà. In another position, but also against it, CSIF is demanding a moratorium on the application so that it does not affect existing workforce stabilization processes.

Source: Informacion


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