Pulitzer Prize awarded to Ukrainian journalists in the USA

The American Pulitzer Prize Organizing Committee awarded Ukrainian reporters a special award for their outstanding achievements in journalism for their coverage of events since February 24, 2022. TASS.

The Public Service Award was awarded to The Washington Post for its analysis of the January 6, 2021 Capitol attack, while the New York Times won two awards for reporting on the problems and failures of US military campaigns in the Middle East, including the deaths of civilians. residents as a result of the actions of the US military. The Miami Herald won the Breaking News award last year for its coverage of the Florida apartment collapse, and the Breaking News Photo award went to Markus Yam of the Los Angeles Times for covering the Kabul fall in August 2021.

Special award last year received The girl who videotaped the death of George Floyd while he was being detained by the police on his cell phone. As the jury noted, these personnel later played an important role in the investigation and decision on the case.

Source: Gazeta


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