Consell is only aimed at a comprehensive reform of the socialist sector.

At this time of the week, Consell’s crisis continues to gain strength as a result of Manolo Mata’s departure from PSPV’s Síndic position in Cortes. Currently, the choice of Health Minister Ana Barceló as spokesperson for the new socialist parliament continues to increase. With nothing decided yet, Consell is heading towards a comprehensive restructuring of its socialist faction, which has so far been held by president Ximo Puig. At this time, the four ministers of Compromís would remain as they were, as the coalition was reluctant to change (two from Unides Podem would remain out of the movement).

Puig insisted yesterday on the time limit for Síndic’s renewal in the Cortes: the next plenary session in the Assembly. It will be this week because it doesn’t exist. This means that the Executive’s crisis must be on Wednesday, the 17th, when the plenary session will begin. Ideally, the new spokesperson would already be on the board of trustees by next Tuesday, but this is not mandatory.

Therefore, two calendars are now working in the Palau de la Generalitat. The first happens by announcing the changes on the Wednesday or Thursday of this week, making the portfolio change the same Thursday or Friday before Consell’s plenary session, and new ones are already available that day.

The second, a little more casual, involves announcing the names of new councilors next weekend or the following Monday, holding an extraordinary plenary session of Consell on the first days of the week, and thus the premiers of Sindic (or Sindic). At the meeting on Wednesday or even the day before.

Regardless of time, Puig has to decide the extent of a political ‘urge’ to consider restructuring in the legislature’s final year. With this idea, he returned to his influence yesterday in Almenara by visiting the conservation work of the beach.

At this time of the week, anything is still possible, but the option with the most integers is a broad reform on the socialist part. With the transfer of Barceló to the union in the Cortes, Health would reach it, and only the current head of Justice and Public Administration, Gabriela Bravo, would be certain of continuity.

Arcadi Spain for the Territory could have a new head of the Innovation (Carolina Pascual) and Finance (Vicent Soler) ministries, while Arcadi Spain for the Territory could move to another region or even position themselves at the head of that ministry by adding mandates from another department to their own department. a macro ministry (or a vice-president who does not hold such a rank). It’s an option Puig put on the table, according to sources consulted. But balancing the equation depends on gender and regional balances.

Arcadi Spain has been the director of the Presidential cabinet, he is the president’s most trusted person in the Valencian Government, he has scored some goals in the Region these three years (unified mobility card or the opening of the new metro line). València, L10, scheduled for this Monday) and the legislature collaborated on the big milestone: the Sagunt electric battery gigafactory.

Compromise token does not move

Meanwhile, Puig’s statement last Saturday, which highlighted the opportunity to restart Consell, did not stand in the way of Comprom’s partners. The option of replacing any of the four members of the Executive is not being considered, according to sources from the leaders of Més and the Initiative (the party of coalition leader and vice-president Mónica Oltra).

“We don’t see the need to change what works,” said one Initiative leader in private yesterday, noting that teams are focusing on the management and bidding of the legislature.

Some voices in Més acknowledge that there are ministers who have been there for a long time and that the change could be a boost, but later state that they do not see it as appropriate in the current situation. Thus, Oltra, Vicen Marzà, Rafa Climent and Mireia Mollà would remain, at least until the next elections.

Source: Informacion


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