Compromis strengthens its own left without closing the door on Podemos

Reconciliation already has its own side. It is not as broad as the Deputy Head of Government, Yolanda Díaz, who announced yesterday that she will start the listening process after the Andalusian elections on 19 June, but it is a front after all. An alliance with formations from different regions (Chunta Aragonesista, Més per Mallorca or Más Madrid, in addition to Verdes Equo), an alliance with its own name Turia agreement and open to all who wish to join according to its supporters, with reference to the United Can. A strategic agreement formalized in Valencia between forces that have maintained equal cooperation for years, but without the presence of the purple coalition. Congress spokesperson Joan Baldoví spoke yesterday of a “family” of like-minded members who decided to take action against centralist impulses.

Source: Informacion


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