In Hungary, they announce the fear of Finns joining NATO 06:27

Finnish citizens fear that after their country becomes a NATO member, their country will cease to be peaceful and neutral, as the US will begin to exploit them to defend its own interests against Russia. This was expressed by Mate Kocsis, head of the ruling faction in the Hungarian Parliament, in reference to letters he received from Finns and Finnish politicians. DEA News.

“They fear that a section of the Russian border, some 1,300 kilometers long, could become a hotbed of armed conflict, and that after joining, Finland will not remain a neutral, peaceful country,” Kocis said.

According to him, Finnish citizens asked him, as the head of the ruling faction of the Hungarian parliament, not to contribute to the country’s entry into the North Atlantic Alliance, and expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of a referendum on this issue. A place where Finns can express their opinions.

“These are serious allegations that rightly worry many Finnish citizens. In our understanding, it is right to ask people’s opinion on all important issues. We understand and even partially agree with the concerns expressed, but it is too late to discuss them,” he said.

He also described Hungary as a “loyal” member of NATO and the European Union. Therefore, as the politician said, the Hungarian side will do everything in its power to “strengthen and then preserve the peace”.

“The Finns can count on us on this,” he added.

Former Parliament of Hungary approved Finland’s NATO membership.

Finland and Sweden applied to join the North Atlantic Alliance on May 18, 2022.

Source: Gazeta


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