Political scientist Shapovalov: Finland loses its sovereignty by joining NATO 19:42

Finland, which joins NATO, loses a significant part of its sovereignty and also loses its neutral status. declaration Channel Five is on the air of the political scientist Vladimir Shapovalov. According to him, the country’s political elite is responsible for this, which, by joining a military bloc hostile to Russia, will only increase tensions around the borders.

“And of course, this process does not stop as we see it move to a practical plane: activation and intensification of military contacts with NATO countries. <...> Therefore, Moscow may place additional strategic forces around the Finnish border for the defense of Russia.

He also reminded that Finland has close economic, cultural and humanitarian ties with Russia. However, Shapovalov stated that Helsinki has ended all contacts.

Republican People’s Party (CHP) Former Member of the Foreign Policy Committee of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Utku Çakirezer declarationThe General Assembly of the Parliament of the Republic will discuss the protocol on Finland’s NATO membership next week.

Source: Gazeta


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