Switzerland launches investigation into the purchase of Credit Suisse by UBS 19:41

The Swiss parliament has launched an investigation into the acquisition of Credit Suisse by rival UBS and its government support in this acquisition. area sections.

As stated in the statement, the real question is whether the actions of federal officials are consistent with the “principles of legality, timeliness, and efficiency.”

Earlier it was reported that Credit Suisse was taken over by another Swiss bank, UBS. Will be the reason why tens of thousands of people working around the world are declining in Credit Suisse structures.

The total number of employees of Credit Suisse and UBS reaches 120 thousand people. At the same time, it is assumed that up to 40,000 employees will be reduced after the merger of financial structures.

On March 17, shareholders of Swiss banking group Credit Suisse in the US filed a lawsuit against the credit institution and its management, accusing it of violating US securities laws.

Source: Gazeta


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