Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces that the pressure of sanctions from the EU has failed 03:00

The head of the Pan-European department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Nikolai Kobrinets, said the EU “bites its elbows” as the Russian economy grows and gains real sovereignty. TASS.

“Sanctions against Russia have failed miserably. Our economy has not only survived, but is rapidly adapting to new realities. The main thing is that Russia gains real economic dominance. But they are now biting their elbows, starting to understand what “sanctions adventurism” has become in the EU, Kobrinets said.

He noted that the goals set by the EU in order to force Russia to abandon a special military operation – to cause problems in the economy, to create chaos and civil unrest – were not only achieved, but also achieved. Things are happening in Europe.

Formerly Financial Times knowledgeableKazakhstan may launch an online system that will track all imported and exported goods from the country from next month to limit re-exports and parallel imports of products to Russia.

Source: Gazeta


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