Chinese Ambassador to Russia Hanhui: Beijing plans to work closely with Moscow in the energy sector 08:22

China’s Ambassador to Russia, Zhang Henhui, said Beijing intends to establish closer partnerships with Moscow in the energy sector. Transmits words DEA News.

In this way, China plans to strengthen international energy security and the stability of its production chains, according to the ambassador.

“China aims to establish closer partnerships with Russia in the energy sector and … make a positive contribution to the maintenance of global energy security,” Henhui said.

formerly Bloomberg reportedHe said the anti-Russian sanctions had led to the yuan’s role in the global economy drastically increasing.

For the first time in the history of the Moscow Stock Exchange, the yuan surpassed the US dollar last month to become the most traded currency. In addition, the yuan is increasingly used in trade in Russia. This strengthens the currency’s role in the region. The yuan could be called an “antidote” to US actions that turn the global financial system into a personal weapon.

Source: Gazeta


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