Dmitry Samoilov Non-binary figurine Award for the main film and its status in 2023 on 17.03.2023, 08:21

Oscar, the most prestigious and well-known award in the cinema industry, found its owners for the 95th time this week. And while the results may not be surprising, they are still worth discussing, as they reflect a general context that, like everything important and noisy in the world, is not quite clear to us yet, but has become a familiar sight already. western world.

The American science fiction thriller “Everything, everywhere and at the same time” became the best film. It probably looked great for first time viewers – crazy fights, for example parallel universes in one where people have huge hot dogs instead of fingers, and even a little man theme opposing the state machine. But I caught myself thinking that I would definitely not revise. Yes, this is a large-scale canvas, but it has been deliberately aggressively rendered meaningless. Specifically, the creators seem to say that the hero’s eternal absence has no rational iota, so there’s no need to create a movie with a cohesive plot. There is no need to appeal to the usual human emotions – love, loyalty, readiness for self-sacrifice. Enough of this bullshit.

In addition to the Best Film award, Everything at once received figurines in the categories of Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Original Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Director. In general, a legend of the Titanic level.

The main character, a Chinese-American, is played by Malaysian Chinese actress Michelle Yeoh Chu-Kheng. And the supporting role is great Jamie Lee Curtis. And this time, even his role in the movie was a little less surprising than what happened next. The actress went on stage, gave a speech, and then evaluated this speech and recorded a video of her sobbing. Why was she crying? Out of extreme emotional intensity, because she decided to make the Oscar figurine non-binary, and named it not “she” or “she”, but in honor of “they/they” (they/they) – Lee Curtis – her transgender daughter . As such, traditional pronouns hinder someone because they can be offensive or even offensive. It’s not clear why Oscar is to blame. Ninety-four times, no one even thought about her gender – this is not a person, but just a figurine with a figurative meaning and a generalized silhouette, but for the ninety-fifth time it became absolutely necessary to make it genderless. -dual. And this was seen as heroism.

The award for the best documentary film was awarded to the work of the American director Daniel Roer “Navalny” (included in the list of terrorists and extremists), it is clear what happened. Was this the best movie among the nominees? No one will say that anymore. It is important that the decision to award him the award was made with clear political motives. That doesn’t make the protagonist’s tragedy any less terrifying, it just raises fundamental questions: Which is more important – artistic merit or context?

Black singer Rihanna and freak show genius Lady Gaga were nominated for Best Song, while Indian composer Koduri Marakathamani Kiravani was nominated for her song Naatu Naatu. As you can see, here, too, all kinds of variety, or “diversity” as they say, is presented in full.

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel hosted the ceremony. He’s already directed the Oscars three times, but this time he joked that there wasn’t enough carnage on stage. That makes a lot of reference to last year’s ceremony where black actor Will Smith punched black comedian Chris Rock in the face. Punch in the face on stage is of course the ultimate in entertainment. A delicate pleasure for sensitive audiences.

Of course, it’s surprising that James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of the Water is an anti-colonial melodrama in which evil and greedy people from Earth try to extract resources from the good, kind, and harmless blue savages who are unable to build any structures. Civilization wasn’t selected as the best movie. Limited to the best visual effects award.

From all this, there is some concern that the Oscars can no longer be called a review of the best films and a universal bar for the best of the best. Obviously, all awards were set by the politically correct agenda – “earrings to all sisters”, while “sisters” should be different. Basically. And if adherence to principles here is precisely what diversity means, then how do we know if there is a better film on the game show in terms of the quality and artistic value that this principle should manifest?

James Cameron made a three-hour toothless cartoon about how to live in harmony with nature. Overall, the idea for the fourth grade of a comprehensive school is pretty solid. But is it possible to imagine now that his great painting “Titanic” was filmed, shown and rewarded? You can imagine, but it’s scary to think about who’s going to be playing there, by whom, and by what considerations.

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