US opposes ceasefire in Ukraine for violating UN Charter 21:28

White House National Security Council strategic communications coordinator John Kirby said the United States opposed the ceasefire in Ukraine because it violated the UN charter. DEA News.

According to Kirby, all proposals on this issue, including China’s plan to resolve the Ukraine crisis, are unilateral, reflecting only the Russian side’s point of view. According to Kirby, the ceasefire essentially affirms Russia’s “conquests” and promotes recognition of Russia’s territorial gains.

“Nevertheless [план Пекина] sounds reasonable enough, sounds like a good idea, currently a ceasefire essentially confirms Russia’s gains, it will actually recognize Russia’s gains [территориальные] The purchase of Russia, ”said the representative of the National Security Service.

February 24, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs introduced A plan for resolving the crisis in Ukraine, in which Beijing stresses, among other things, that the only solution to the conflict is dialogue and that the international community must adhere to the right approach to facilitate peace talks.

The document was criticized in Ukraine and the EU. How declaration China’s proposal would lead to a “freezing” of the conflict and a “losing” of Ukraine, says chief adviser to Ukrainian President Mykhailo Podolyak.

European Union Press Secretary Peter Stano statedThat they were dissatisfied with the plan in Brussels, as they saw Beijing as a biased intermediary.

Source: Gazeta


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