“Protect a united front.” Biden calls for Russia to be removed from G20

US President Joe Biden told Moscow that the issue of land concession is Kiev’s prerogative. At the same time, he “does not believe” that Ukraine will have to take such a step. The politician’s press conference in Brussels was broadcast. Youtube channel White House.

“This is purely Ukraine’s prerogative. You cannot talk about Ukraine without the participation of Ukraine, ”The American leader answered the relevant question from journalists.

“I think they don’t have to. But the decision is up to them,” added Biden, emphasizing that the United States is not a party to the negotiation process.

lack of food

The American president warned that events in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia would lead to a food crisis as both countries are “Europe’s breadbaskets”. “This is real. The cost of sanctions falls not only on Russia, but also on many countries, including Europe and our country,” he said.

“We discussed this issue for a long time in the G7 format. The USA is the third country in wheat production and Canada is the largest producer. We talked about how we can increase and distribute food faster to prevent famine,” he said. Also, according to him, the issue of removing the restrictions on food exports came to the agenda at the meeting.

Exclusion of Russia from the G20

The US President also called for Russia’s exclusion from the G20, but acknowledged that some participating countries did not agree with this decision. He believes that if the Russian Federation is not excluded, the Ukrainian side should also be present at the meetings of the group.

“This issue was discussed today. I also expressed the possibility that this may not happen. If Indonesia and other countries cannot agree, I think we should consider giving Ukraine the opportunity to attend the meetings, the opportunity to visit. [саммит] G20,” Biden said.

anti-Russian sanctions

The American leader acknowledged that the sanctions are not a deterrent, but the West needs to “maintain a united front.”

“To maintain sanctions, to perpetuate suffering and [единства являются сдерживающим фактором]. “I’ve requested a NATO meeting today to make sure we continue to do what we’ve been doing in one month, not just next month or next month, but for the rest of the year.”

The politician explained: he does not believe that the current decisions of NATO will force Russia to change its course towards Ukraine.

“If Putin thinks Europe will be divided in a month or six weeks or two months, then… They can take over anything they want for another month. However, we (Western countries – about “socialbites.ca”) [единство]’ said Biden.

reaction to the use of chemical weapons

When asked how Washington would react if Moscow used chemical weapons, the US president replied: “We will respond, if he does, we will respond. The exact answer will depend on the nature of the use.” [химического оружия]”.

Biden was also asked if Vladimir Putin was ready to use chemical weapons. In response, he said he “cannot disclose intelligence information”.

When asked if there was a military response, the politician replied, “This requires a proportionate response.”

“Showing the inefficiency of Western democracies”

Biden expressed confidence that the actions of Russian officials were primarily aimed at demonstrating the inefficiency of Western democracies.

“Her [президента РФ Владимира Путина] The most important goal is to show that democracies cannot function in the 21st century as the situation is changing so rapidly. They need a consensus, but this consensus becomes very difficult to achieve, so autocracies will rule everything, ”says the politician.

According to him, Moscow is trying to undermine NATO’s unity. “HE IS [президент Путин] It would be better to face 30 independent countries rather than 30 unified countries. I will be extremely honest: I think that was his intention from the very beginning, ”says the American president.

Western leaders met in Brussels for three simultaneous summits – NATO, the European Union and the G7. Meetings of politicians are held urgently, their main topic was the events in Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden flew to Brussels for the emergency summits of NATO, the G7 and the European Union. At a press conference in the Belgian capital, the Russian leader accused Vladimir Putin of trying to break up the North Atlantic alliance and promised to “respond” if the Russian Federation used chemical weapons. The politician also spoke in favor of Ukraine’s participation in the G20 summits, describing the issue of territorial concessions to Russia as the prerogative of Kiev.

Source: Gazeta


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