Banco Av Villas will allocate $87,645 million to its shareholders to pay dividends.

The ordinary general meeting of Banco Av Villas approved the allocation of $87,645 million to pay dividends. A yield will be paid between April 5-11 of this year for preferred shares, and within the first ten days of each month for subsequent months. Each member will receive $390.

With respect to the dividend payment on 222.9 million common stock, $390 per deed will be paid between April 2022 and March 2023. Likewise, losses from previous years of $2,436 million, $58,505 million to the dividend voluntary stabilization reserve and $13,000 million to the voluntary endowment reserve. non-taxable profit.

Additionally, members of the Board of Directors were elected: Carlos Ernesto Pérez, Pedro Ignacio de Brigard, Bernardo Noreña Ocampo, Fernando Copete Saldarriaga and Luis Fernando Pabón.

For the thirteenth consecutive year, rating agency Value & Risk maintained a stable AAA rating for Banco Av Villas’ long-term debt, showing its highest interest and capital-paying capacity.

In addition, the short-term debt issued by the institution has maintained the VrR 1+ rating, which indicates that the financial institution has the highest capacity to fulfill its obligations in the agreed terms and periods, and liquidity levels.

Among the reasons supporting the rating is that the Bank is part of Grupo Aval, as the above provides equity and corporate support. The Rating Agency notes the quality and soundness of assets reflected in a technical equity of $1.39 trillion and fundamental and total solvency indicators of 12.34 percent and 12.98 percent, with a leverage of 7.63 percent, a better position than Regulatory minimums, “Value and Risk is a specified in the document.

Emphasis was placed on the evolution of the business plan and the results of the digital transformation process, allowing the business to improve its value proposition and business management, two key elements for modernizing and simplifying operations and efficiency.

Source: Lare Publica


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