The 31st day of the Russian Federation’s military special operation in Ukraine. chronicle of events

The 31st day of the military special operation of the Russian Federation against Ukraine has passed. According to the Ministry of Defense, Russians receive fake calls that they have been summoned to commissariats. The ministry said they did not call and did not plan to search for citizens in reserve. Putin signed the law on the status of veterans for those involved in special operations. Biden said that “Russia’s GDP will halve in the coming years”, now that the country is “already in the 19th century”. Peskov responded to the words of the American president that the West “takes everything from the Russian oligarchs” – the Kremlin believes that there are no oligarchs in Russia. Soldiers from South Ossetia went to Donbass to participate in a military operation. Ukrainian officials said they evacuated 5,208 people from the gum corridors in one day. reported the events of the 31st day online.

Source: Gazeta


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