The Czech Foreign Ministry said they wanted to maintain “at least basic diplomatic relations” with Russia.

Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky said the country wanted to “maintain at least basic diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation”. This has been reported TASS With reference to the agency CTK.

According to him, 14 Russian diplomats have already left the Czech Republic, but Prague wants to continue to maintain diplomatic relations “for many practical reasons.”

In such a difficult situation, it is desirable to continue the contacts between the states,” he said.

Formerly Lipavsky declarationHe said that Prague is in favor of imposing the harshest sanctions on Russia because of the events in Ukraine. According to him, at the EU meeting, the fifth package of sanctions against Russia was discussed, which is primarily related to the embargo on Russian energy resources. Lipavsky added that the decision on the new sanctions will be made on March 24.

Before that, it was known that the countries of the European Union were preparing the fifth package of anti-Russian sanctions, and also considered the possibility of introducing an oil embargo against Russia.

Source: Gazeta


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