Expert Permyakov told how to check the authenticity of the site

Ruslan Permyakov, deputy director of the Competence Center “Reliable Interaction Technologies” at the National Technology Initiative (NTI), based on TUSUR, told that to check if the site is fake, you should first look at its address.

“If the site is fake, you might see or in the address bar instead of,” he said. It is necessary to pay attention to how the brand, the name of the company is written.

Then you need to check if https protocol is used. According to him, it is this protocol that provides a secure connection to the server and gives confidence in the reliability of the address. “The image of the lock in the address bar should not be crossed out,” Permyakov said.

The specialist recommends installing protection tools from developers of antiviruses with anti-phishing functionality. It will prevent the user from accessing fake sites. “Also, check the site for malware using third-party services like Virustotal,” he said.

Previously at Kaspersky Lab declarationThe price of personal data of Russians on the darknet starts from 300 rubles. About 30% of respondents said they post personal information about themselves on social networks, including phone number, home address or workplace.

Source: Gazeta


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