Biden doubts relations with China will deteriorate due to balloon situation 02:10

US President Joe Biden told PBS that relations between Washington and Beijing have not been seriously damaged due to the situation with the bubble. It has been reported DEA News.

The host asked Biden to explain his point of view.

“Because I spoke to him (Chinese President Xi Jinping. – and talked to our people’s team,” Biden said.

He emphasized that the communication was even before the incident with the balloon.

“I made it clear to Xi Jinping that we fully intend to compete with China, but not come into conflict with it,” the American president added.

On February 5, the US military shot down a Chinese balloon that had been hovering over US soil for several days. The Pentagon called the downed device a spy device, while China said the balloon was a civilian probe and ended up accidentally over the United States.

But in the White House declarationthat they would not return the wreckage of a dropped balloon to China.

Source: Gazeta


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