Biden says US is at ‘overflow point’ 07:50

Speaking to Congress on Tuesday in his annual message, US President Joe Biden said the country was “at a tipping point” and needed to overcome its domestic political divide. TASS.

According to him, democracy should not be a “party” issue, but an “American” issue.

“Every generation of Americans faces the moment when they are called upon to defend our democracy,” the White House chief continued.

He believes this moment has come.

“American friends, we are meeting tonight at a tipping point. This is one of the fateful moments of only a few generations. The decisions we make now will determine the course of this country and the world in the coming decades,” he said.

According to him, “with democracy everything is possible, without it – nothing.” As Biden, who represents the US Democratic Party, points out, “over the past few years, ‘American democracy’ has been threatened, attacked, put at risk.”

He recalled that US democracy was “tested on January 6, 2021, when supporters of previous Republican President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol. As Biden said, those who entered the Capitol in Washington two years ago are “rebels”.

“We all need to talk. [против таких действий]. Political violence has no place in America. We must protect the right to vote in America, not suppress this fundamental right. “We must defend the rule of law and restore confidence in our democratic institutions,” he said.

He also believes that US citizens are not “external observers of history”.

“We are able to withstand the forces we face. “We are facing the test of current times and decisions must be made,” Biden said.

formerly known as Biden promise to strengthen democracy “at home and in the world”.

Source: Gazeta


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